Chuojiaofanzi quan seminars in Poland (June 2010)

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Chuojiaofanzi quan seminars in Poland (June 2010)

Příspěvekod ngondeg » sob 05. čer, 2010 11:25

Zdravím všetkých and Hi to all! :)

If you're interested in traditional Chinese martial arts,
we'd like to invite You to 2 CHUOJIAOFANZI seminars,
which will be held in Poland this month (june).

Seminars will be led by master Hong Zhitian who is
considered the inheritor of Beijing line of the style.

It is a rare occasion to meet and learn from someone that
knowledgable within Chuojiaofanzi quan.

Allthough seminars are not free, they're relatively inexpensive - 50 PLN,
which is about 13EUR as we do not intend to make money, just
to spread some knowledge about the style.

Basics, shenfa, bufa and neigong (inner practice) drills,
as well as how it is all put into fighting situations, will be taught.

WARSAW / WARSZAWA seminar: 12-13 June 2010
contact: Marek Klajda - tel.: +48 505171728;

CRACOW / KRAKÓW seminar: 19 June 2010
contact: Marcin Sitko - tel.: +48 886601657;

Here's seminars short teaser on YT:

more clips of Chuojiaofanzi for those that don't know:

BTW, some of you may not know that Vit Vojta of Chen Taiji
was once a student of Hong Zhitian and practiced
Chuojiao with my teacher - Marek Klajda. :)

If you have any questions - ask away. Po czesku tez powinienem zrozumiec. :wink:

Krakow is not that far.

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